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In addition to my website (click logo on top), some other instruments I build.
It takes time to update my website, it's faster to write blogs.

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OM - Steel and Nylon string guitars

The first steel string guitar I build was this orchestra model sitka spruce ovangkol with cutaway.

OM Steelstring OM Backview


It's got a L.R.Baggs Anthem SL pickup system.

I also made an OM version with Nylon strings and classical neck dimensions (broader, flat fingerboard).

OM classical front OM classical back Both guitars got a back with x-bracing:  OM classical back bracing

While the steel string's top has got traditional x-bracing, the nylon model has a modified version.

OM bracing

The bridge is a pin bridge:

OM bridge

The top wood is torrified Sitka spruce. Body wood is Bubinga.

Small Martin from around 1840

I have build two small guitars after a Martin design from around 1840-50.

 Martin 1840

Backview Peruvian walnut Ovangkol body

All of Martin guitars prior to 19something were meant for gut strings.

Pin bridge Spanish bridge

So I build these for modern Nylon-strings. One with historical pin bridge, the other with spanish style bridge.

These guitars were build by Martin with a variety of bracing patterns finally leading to his x-bracing.

x-bracing x-bracing 2

I used two kinds of x-bracing. To the left the more modern version, right a version which leans on Martins earlier designs.

Happy Birthday

My wife Kathrin is celebrating her birthday today. And its the birthdate of this blog.

On this occasion I'd like to share some photos of her ukulele, we build together this year. It's a concert uke build from a kit of stewmac.com. A pretty sounding instrument.


kerfing and blocks are glued to the sides

Blocks and kerfing are glued to the sides.

soundboard with bracing

Soundboard waiting to be glued on the sides.


back with bracing

Back waiting to be glued on the sides.


Body and neck

Next, the the fingerboard was fretted and glued to the neck.

the finished instrument

The finished instrument with strap.

back view

Back view. It's finished with polyethuran wipe-on finish.

As you see, the back (and sides) are laminated mahogany. The Top is solid wood.

Photo station